Having expressed myself creatively through song and words as a singer/songwriter for many years, I now also express myself through my Zen-designs, which I call "Tangle Muse".

Without any form of effort, all Zen-designs are free and true expressions of a moment without judgement; just enjoying the hand flowing with the pen. This endeavour is new to me, yet its creative source is very familiar; all coming from stillness.

Random designs, peacefully aligned. These are my Zen-designs. Hope you like them.

I deeply encourage everyone to try this art-form for themselves.
There's nothing to judge and nothing to achieve.

Warmest wishes,
Cynthia Hall














Prints are specifically sized to fit RIBBA (shadow-box) frames from IKEA.
WHITE (23x23cm) IKEA - RIBBA frame product code: 000.780.32
BLACK (23x23cm) IKEA - RIBBA frame product code: 000.780.51



Each series of 6 prints is sold in an individually designed, hand-made
gift envelope at a price of €12,50 (plus €3 regular mail).
Frames not included.













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